EBOS Sustainability Report 2023

EBOS Sustainability Report 2022

EBOS Sustainability Report 2021

As a market leading healthcare and animal care company, we know that our stakeholders and the communities we serve rely on us.

Our ESG Program sets out the actions we will take to ensure we consistently and sustainably deliver on our responsibilities as a provider of essential network infrastructure, products and services.

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Through our ESG Program, EBOS embraces the full range of responsibilities that come with our role as a provider of essential health and animal care products and services. The program comprises five pillars encompassing 20 material ESG topics that are significant for the sustainability of our business and/or the interests of our stakeholders.

Core business offering

Pillars 1 and 2 of our ESG Program, Health & Animal Care Partners and Consumers & Patients, focus on impacts of the Group’s daily business operations.

We support our customers to achieve better health outcomes by ensuring the availability and reliability of medicines and other essential products and services, especially during times of crisis.

Our direct customer relationships are often with other businesses, professionals, governments and government bodies, but we never lose sight of our ultimate connection with consumers, patients, pets and their owners.

Social and environmental role

Pillar 3 of our ESG Program, Community & Environment, addresses broader sustainability challenges facing our communities.

Reaching out to help out is an integral part of our corporate culture across the Group. We aspire to contribute positively towards resolving complex problems such as responding to climate change and helping to create a fairer, healthier and more equal society.

Firm foundations

Pillars 4 and 5 of our ESG Program, Our People and Responsible Business, recognise that corporate sustainability stems from solid foundations embedded in our corporate culture.

EBOS is a large and growing organisation unified by core values. Our engaged, diverse and talented workforce is committed to upholding ethical behaviour and responsible practices in all areas of our business.