Consumers & Patients

Consumers & Patients

EBOS touches the lives of millions of patients, pet parents and other  consumers who depend on us for excellence and superior performance, every day.

Trust is at the heart of what we do at EBOS, advancing opportunities to enrich the lives of all those we serve. To ensure our stakeholders have trust in us to  deliver products and services that meet and exceed their expectations, our focus is on continually enhancing the fundamentals of good quality, safety,  social responsibility and environmental protection.


EBOS provides wholesale and distribution services and is an intermediary between suppliers and business users including pharmacies, healthcare institutions, veterinarian clinics and other professional care providers. In doing so, we deal with many local and international  suppliers whose finished products we distribute. We also source ingredients for products we manufacture and use third-party  manufacturers for some EBOS-owned brands.

Overview of our Supply Chain

• Medicines - In addition to sourcing from local companies, we source over-the-counter products and medical consumables from local branches of global manufacturers, including large pharmaceutical companies.
• Medical devices - We typically act as a distributor of overseas-based manufacturers of medical equipment and consumables. 
• Own-brand products - We have a strong preference to source ingredients and materials for EBOS-owned products from local  manufacturers. We also source inputs and finished products from overseas suppliers.

Ethical Sourcing Strategy

EBOS is committed to the highest standards of conduct and ethical behaviour in all business activities and to promoting and supporting a culture of honest and ethical behaviour and corporate compliance.

In FY23, we introduced our Ethical Sourcing Strategy with the aim of engaging with suppliers that are aligned to EBOS’ corporate values and ESG Program and minimising the risk of modern slavery in our supply chains.

EBOS has implemented new policies and procedures that underpin the Ethical Sourcing Strategy, which now apply to our engagement with suppliers:
• Supplier Code of Conduct: this code sets out EBOS’ expectations of suppliers in relation to compliance with laws, ethical behaviour,  people and safety, environment, quality, privacy and data protection.
• Ethical Sourcing Policy: this policy describes specific requirements regarding ethical sourcing – for example in relation to no use of child labour, employee payments and anti-discrimination and harassment.
• Ethical Sourcing Strategy: this sets out the steps for our  businesses to implement an effective and appropriate ethical sourcing program having regard to the nature and operation of those  businesses.

This includes risk assessments of certain suppliers, using online due diligence tools and standard operating procedures and reporting templates. The roll-out of the strategy with EBOS’ business units is underway and is expected to continue into FY24. This includes training sessions on the use of online due diligence tools, such as Sedex, and the establishment of a working group for  businesses to share their learnings on implementation of the strategy. 

EBOS shares the vision of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) to foster a circular economy that will minimise the amount of packaging waste disposed to landfill and optimise the value of associated materials, energy and labour within our local communities. We support the 2025 National Packaging Targets endorsed by Australian industry and government. Currently, our grocery brands under Masterpet and Endeavour are on track for 2025 compliance.

2025 National Packaging Targets 

• 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable 
• 70% of plastic packaging being recycled or composted
• 50% of average recycled content in packaging
• Phasing out problematic and unnecessary single-use

The scope of our management approach encompasses all packaging design, procurement and manufacturing over which we have management control to store, distribute and sell our products in New Zealand and Australia. This includes phasing down single-use  plastic throughout our supply chain.

We have established a Sustainable Packaging Steering Committee with a number of participating businesses, including Masterpet,  Endeavour, Symbion Consumer Products, InHealth (EBOS Healthcare's private label brand), TerryWhite Chemmart (private label range), Sentry Medical and LifeHealthcare. These businesses are working together to share information and experiences but each business unit enjoys a suitable degree of flexibility in their approach to tackling sustainable packaging risks and opportunities. This reflects the
diverse needs and expectations of consumers in different markets, relevant health and safety standards and available technologies.

In FY23, four EBOS businesses submitted action plans and performance reports covering the calendar year January – December 2022 to APCO for scoring.

Business 2022 APCO Benchmarking Result
Masterpet Advanced
Endeavour Leading
Sentry Advanced
LifeHealthcare Advanced


As an industry-leading supplier of premium pet food, our Masterpet division is always investigating new ways to help pets across New Zealand and Australia live happier and healthier lives.

We are now manufacturing our high-quality Black Hawk brand dog and cat kibble inhouse for the first time thanks to a new $80 million purpose-built pet care manufacturing facility in Parkes, NSW.

More than 45% of the high-quality ingredients are sourced within 200km of the facility, reducing transport miles.

We also have clearer oversight of the supply chain, meaning better products for our customers and better nourishment for their pets. Farmers and growers are producing oat crops which meet our stringent standards and specifications and we are proud of our commitment to regional communities.

All meat and salmon used at the facility is 100% Australian and we have an Australia first approach to all other ingredients, in another example of our commitment to use carefully selected and quality ingredients in our products.

All Black Hawk dog food is formulated to meet nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Our Black Hawk Grain Free dog food contains a higher percentage of meat than many other brands and no fillers.

The Black Hawk vets and animal nutritionists create recipes with natural ingredients and added vitamins, minerals and amino acids for optimal animal health.

Whether it’s a simple procedure, an emergency operation, or a complex joint or disc replacement, surgery can be daunting for patients, their families and their friends.

At LifeHealthcare, the quality of the surgical products we distribute is paramount to our success and patient recovery.

Patients can be assured that all LifeHealthcare products used in their surgery have been rigorously assessed as part of the quality management process.

This exacting process spans:

  • Onboarding of new suppliers
  • Annual evaluations and assessment of existing suppliers
  • Pre-market assessments leading to TGA/Medsafe registrations
  • Post-market surveillance and continual improvement opportunities, ensuring our products are of the highest quality possible.

LifeHealthcare has a portfolio of products in channels that include spine, orthopaedics, robotics, plastics and reconstructive surgery, and interventional neurovascular surgery.

Working with our global partners, our staff work closely with healthcare professionals to ensure the highest standards of patient care.

The proprietary ClinPod® system is a mobile clinical pharmacy application designed and developed by HPS for its network of Approved Pharmacies to coordinate, document and evaluate clinical activities in real-time at the point of delivery. This improves accuracy and efficiency, thereby reducing the likelihood of error and increasing the amount of time that clinical pharmacists have available to engage directly with patients and their caregivers.

ClinPod® facilitates timely communication of medication-related issues between patients, pharmacists, and other medical professionals.

Electronic medication discharge reports create total service oversight and transparency that is vitally important for ensuring patients experience a smooth transition from care in a hospital setting to their local community pharmacy.