Contract Logistics

Healthcare Logistics (HCL) has operated within the New Zealand healthcare market for more than 20 years as a 3PL and 4PL healthcare distribution provider.

With a proven track record of providing practical solutions, HCL offers a wide menu of services depending on the specific needs of the individual healthcare company, including distribution, warehousing, clinical trial management, product registration and more.

HCL bases all its business processes and systems around being quality driven and, in support of this, continually invests technology to strengthen its supply chain efficiencies.

Being a service provider, HCL is aware that its true point of difference lies in its people and a ‘Can do, Will do’ mentality. Its dedicated team is focussed on going the extra mile to meet and exceed healthcare companies expectations.



Symbion Contract Logistics is the most efficient and extensive distribution system for manufacturers in the Australian pharmaceutical industry.

Symbion Contract Logistics is focused purely on the healthcare market and employs the knowledge and experience gained from a long history of inventory management, warehousing and distribution of healthcare products.

Operating from dedicated facilities in Western Sydney, Symbion Contract Logistics has a competitive edge thanks to its responsiveness, comprehensive quality systems and extensive reporting options. Not to mention its array of key services, including centralised warehousing, full order processing, pick, pack and dispatch, pre-wholesale services and more.

Symbion Contract Logistics has earned a strong reputation for excellence and has a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes.



Symbion Clinical Trials is a leading provider of clinical trial logistics in Australia.

Its strategy is two-fold: Our people and our systems work together to assure our success.

The Symbion Clinical Trials team leverages deep market knowledge and supplier relationships to identify the right solutions for customers. Their experience is backed by systems and procedures which are second to none, enabling the development and management of all aspects of the clinical trial process.

Safety and quality are paramount, and Symbion Clinical Trials maintains strict adherence to regulatory framework. Its objective is to deliver trials with precision and efficiency, while minimising the risks for its customers.

Services include material distribution, supply, return and destruction, and relabelling and repackaging.

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